The perfect solution for anyone who wants to use their washi tapes with ease! Add your washi tapes to this dispenser, place them on the serrated edge and voila - a perfectly cut piece of tape is ready to use!


It works just like a standard tape dispenser, but it has TWO serrated edges. So you can choose the type of cut - fine or medium size serrated edges. Just flip it around.


It's designed to be stackable, so if you have a bigger washi tape collection, you can keep things neat and organized by stacking them on top of each other. Which means - more desk space for you to journal on!

Stackable Washi Tape Dispenser

    • Holds 5 15mm washi tapes

    • Suitable for washi tapes upto diameter 65mm and width 75mm

    • Get a clean cut without the need for scissors

    • Includes 1 washi tape cutter dispenser (tapes not included)

  • 10.2cm (L) x 9.2cm (W) x 7.1cm (H)