Do you use washi tape often, but find it bulky to carry around all those tapes? Say hello to Washi Tape Storage Boards - the ultimate portable storage solution for tapes!


In this pack of 2, you can easily store your tapes in a compact manner - to carry around in your pen pouch or slip into your journal's back pocket.


You can carry atleast 8-10 designs on each board. With this pack of 2, you can carry almost 20 washi tapes (18 medium size, 2 slim tapes). So if you're a washi tape addict, you finally have a solution that will help you use those Washis on-the-go.


The grid design helps with getting Washi Tape onto the board perfectly straight. Tried and tested!


Your tapes will peel off without any damage to the tape and it will not affect the stickiness. You just have to wrap them around the board and carry them carefree.

Washi Tape Storage Boards - Green Checks (Pack of 2)

  • This listing is for a pack of 2 green grid design washi tape boards.