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30+ Must-See May Cover Page Ideas!

Updated: May 1, 2023

There is lots to love about May - summer is officially underway, VACATIONS, and for the Bullet Journal community - you can add creative quotes to your monthly covers :D

"May you always see all the beautiful little things" or "May all your dreams come true" come to mind.

Let's kick this off with a Summer Theme!

Summer Theme

From cool, refreshing fruits to sultry summer nights, there's a lot of inspiration to seek from summer.

Citrus Fruits with a May Quote

Freshly squeezed juices on a hot summer's day

Orange Doodles

View into the Backyard on a Summer Night

Hot Air Balloon Watercolours

Butterfly Theme

The butterflies come out to play in the warm sunshine, and bullet journalists seem to love this theme for their May cover pages. Like, a LOT of them!

Floral Teas and Vintage Tea Cups

Games Theme

When it's too hot to step out, indoor games save us! If you're indulging in them this summer, you could opt for interesting monthly spreads like these -

Puzzles in Watercolours

Chess Doodles

Cosy Sewing Theme

Another great indoor activity is sewing!


And who doesn't love a good set of reads all set up for summer!

Image courtesy @blublablu_arts_by_julia

Fashion & Clothing Theme

Another interesting theme I found for May was all things fashion and clothes!

Luxe Fashion

For Sneakerheads

Cute Clothing Doodles!

Dark Academia Theme

Geometric Minimalism

Abstract Landscape Wall Decor

Image courtesy @samijournals

Undersea Theme with Jellyfish

Celestial Watercolours

Super Minimal with A Summer Sky Washi Tape Border

Watercolour Buildings

Floral Theme

Every month has some beautiful floral cover page ideas. These are the best May cover page ideas with flowers :)

Pastel Floral Doodles with Tombows

Vellum Paper and Lace Cut Florals in Black and White

Flower Market

Marigolds May!

Minimal Floral May

Gorgeous Blooms

Hope you've found some lovely inspiration here for your May Monthly!

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