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2022 Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The best part about a new year? A new journal!

Image courtesy: Bloom and Dot

Setting up on the crisp, fresh pages of a new notebook is exciting, you're full of hope and dreams for the new start...and, let's be honest, a bit nerve-wracking as well!

If you're like me, you haven't set up the cover page yet. You're taking your time, searching for your Word of the Year, finding the right design inspiration.

I searched the whole big world of Bullet Journal Ideas and this is what I've found - the best cover pages of 2022 so far :)

Florals and Botanical theme

This is a favourite go-to theme for a LOT of us!

Leafy Doodles & Gold Watercolours

This striking 2022 cover page by @journalwithsol opens up to reveal a Future Log underneath it! It's creative, and the greens give it a fresh, energised feel. Leafy doodles and gold watercolours made this design possible.

Botanical Illustrations & Acrylic Paint

The talented @bloomanddot created white and black botanical illustrations, and used acrylic sage paint with a warm grey / beige brush pen to compliment it. Just GORGEOUS! She wrote "hello" on the left side of the spread, but you can also use the space for your Word of the Year.

If you love this theme, I'd encourage you to go check out her Instagram page for the rest of her Yearly Set Up!

Bold Hand-Lettering Magic

A plants illustration serves as the perfect contrasting backdrop for the bold numbers. @theinkybrush is letterer-extraordinaire and it shows on her journal cover page!

A Dutch Door featuring Floral Doodles

This cute-as-can-be Floral Dutch door by @sparks.journal needs just a couple of things:

  • a fineliner,

  • Tombow brush pens,

  • white Gelly Roll pens,

  • a scissor, and

  • guts to cut your precious journal paper!

You can use the blank space behind the door for your Word of the Year, or Goals for 2022.

Negative Space Floral Blooms

Painted Floral Illustration

Minimal Florals

A sweet and simple cover page illustration by @charizzet. You could also use alphabet stamps to get that font style right.

Black & White Floral Illustration

A thing of beauty is what @journalbyveronika has created! The flower details are exquisite. I'd suggest using black paint for that circle since standard brush pens might fail at creating an intense shade.

Leafy Illustration with Metallic Details

Who knew black and white, with a hint of gold watercolours, could look so good?! This black and white, almost graphic looking, leaves spread was made by @thizidizi.bujo

Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover Pages

Whether you have a minimalist aesthetic, or simply lack the time (hello working moms in the middle of a pandemic!) - you can still find inspiration that's beautiful in its simplicity.

Balloon Numbers

A huge trend in the bullet journal world these days are Balloon Numbers! @feather.eaux simply used a white pen to create the balloon effect on 2022 for a unique cover page.

Hand-lettered Simplicity

For a spread like this, make sure you pencil it in first to get the spacing right! @sincerely.nouriyah used a dark Gelly Roll pen to make the lettering pop.

It's All In The Font

This is a popular cover page style that Elizabeth Turn (Plant Based Bride) made famous. Adding a bit of Kraft paper and an old book page, @thatbujolady made it even more special. This particular style of lettering works so well, even Elizabeth made her 2022 cover page on similar lines again!

Kraft-y Theme

You can never have enough Kraft paper in your bullet journal. Use a bit, or cover the whole spread with it - it turns out beautiful either way!

What I love most about it is it keeps your start of the year pages neutral. You can then take the rest of the year to add as much colour and complexity as you want in your BuJo.

Leaf Doodles on Kraft Paper

@papyrophie proves that a couple of leaves, some stamps, Kraft paper and a bit of paint is all you need for a Yearly Cover Page!

All About That Kraft

It doesn't get easier than this to make a beautiful yearly cover page. I'm tempted to recreate this in my own bullet journal! Thanks @raesdailypage :) Oh, and she's used a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen to write and draw.

Neutral Theme Floral Dutch Door

Floral illustrations on a Dutch door over Kraft dot grid paper apparently is a recipe for BuJo heaven! I'm impressed with how much @pagesbyamy managed to layer into this neutral spread.

Wire Grid Display Frame for the New Year

Hand draw some grid lines, add Kraft paper and a handful of floral stickers to get this set up.

Sky Theme

There's something magical about the sky, which is why so many Bullet Journalers love adding sky elements to their spreads.

Pink Sky

Cloud Doodles

Art Meet Journal

Is your bullet journalling meant for planning, or for creating artwork? Can it be both?

Gorgeous Floral Painting

Abstract Art

Easy To Make!

For the beginner or not-so-artsy bullet journalist, the above can feel a bit overwhelming. I mean, what if you don't know how to doodle and illustrate and craft? But still want a nice-looking cover page?

These spreads show you how easy doesn't always equal dull and boring.

Mildliners Make Everything Cute

Mildliners and a pen - it literally doesn't get easier than this! Thanks for the idea @bujo_with_bella

Simplicity is Everything

Stick a piece of recycled or coloured paper, write the year with a white pen. And add your quote of the year on the left page. DONE! Idea courtesy @accidentalbujoaddict

Get Krafty

Crumple your Kraft paper, roughly tear a rectangular piece out. Add black chart paper (and 2022 with a white pen). Make squiggly lines as borders. Bonus: add your word of the year or an inspiring quote with alphabet stamps on the other half of the spread! Cute little star doodles, optional. Idea courtesy @len.journals

Beginners Can Make Dutch Doors Too!

Another favourite of mine! Anyone can write numbers nicely like this. Colour in with your brush pen. And add some pretty watercolours in an abstract design on the last number. Make your Dutch Door, add a quote. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Extra brownie points if you add metallic hints to this. Courtesy the talented Instagrammer @dutch_dots

BuJo Tip: Use a cutter/pen knife for such this level of precision cutting. Don't forget to place a cutting mat at the back!

Have you made your 2022 cover page yet? Or are you still working on it?

Tell me in the comments below!


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sanchari das
sanchari das
Jan 24, 2022


sanchari das
sanchari das
Jan 24, 2022

Beautiful article. Loved


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Aman Chawla
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Awesome stuff!!!

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