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January Monthly Cover Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal

10 themes. 34 cover pages.

Image courtesy: @marthasjournal

Setting up a new month in your journal is exciting. What theme should I pick? Which supplies will I get to use these next 4 weeks?

It's the first monthly set up for the year, so it can feel a bit nerve-wracking. But the trick is just to get in there and create! With a pencil first, of course :)

Here are some theme ideas for you to choose from -

  1. Pastels

  2. Coffee Lovers

  3. Scrapbook theme

  4. Handpainted

  5. Books theme

  6. New Beginnings theme

  7. Illustrated Cover Pages

  8. Botanical & Floral theme

  9. Minimalistic

  10. Winter theme

Pastel Theme

A dreamy pastel theme gives you a chance to use those beautiful pastel brush pens and washi tapes!

Neutrals + Pastels = LOVE

Image courtesy: @vividscribbles

Dreamy Pastel Clouds

Image courtesy: @oliwia.journal

Coffee Theme

Let's face it - we're coffee addicts and what's not to love about showing your #CoffeeAddict status on your cover page?!

Everybody Needs Their Starbucks

This cover page was created using Atopen brush pens.

Kickstart The Year With Coffee

Image courtesy:

Scrapbook Theme

Pretty sure you've got yourself some new journaling supplies for the new year. Put them together for a scrapbook look in your January cover page!

Cosy Vibes in Pink & Neutral Tones (Created in an Indian Bullet Journal!)

Image courtesy: @tanushreejournals

Neutral Self Care Theme

Image courtesy: @opalandfern


Whether you love watercolours or gouache, here are monthly spread ideas that use those beautiful paints lying in your stationery drawer!

(Water)Colours of the Sky

Image courtesy: @ambersnotebooks

Watercolour Winter Landscape

Image courtesy: @dutch_dots

For The Love of Gouache (Created by an Indian Bullet Journalist!)

Image courtesy: @obsessive_procrastinator

Books Theme

I personally love books of ALL kinds - murder mysteries, personal development, lettering workbooks -- you name it and it's (at the very least) on my Amazon wishlist. Translating that love into a BuJo month theme would be fun, as you can see below!

Handpainted Bedside Book Stack

Image courtesy: @accidentalbujoaddict

Library Card!

Image courtesy: @raesdailypage

Cosy up with Books & Tea

Image courtesy:

New Beginnings Theme

Since it IS the first month of the year, we view January with a hopeful eye, imagining all the endless possibilities that lie before us.

A Newly Emerged Butterfly

Image courtesy: @journalbambie

New Year Celebration

Image courtesy: @tabi.journals

Illustrated Cover Pages

If you love to doodle, take inspiration from these cute & colourful January spreads.

Image courtesy: @bujowithbea

Image courtesy: @autumnaldrich

Image courtesy: @noteswithlu

Image courtesy: @emmjournal

Botanical & Floral Theme

I'm going to already say it - you're probably going to find a botanical or floral theme idea for every single month of the calendar. So expect these all over this blog!

Flowers in Full Bloom with Tombow Brush Pens

Image courtesy: @bonjourbunnybullets

Black & White Florals

Image courtesy: @wildeyesbujo

Winter Colours

Image courtesy: @journalbyveronika

Floral Letters

Image courtesy: @livingletterplans

Doodles with Paint Pens

Image courtesy: @whimsical.doodles

A Shayda Campbell Recreation

Image courtesy: @angilettert

Minimal Theme

A little goes a long way! You might not realise how stunning minimalistic can look, till you see the beauty in these "simple" January cover pages.

Just A Single Painted Word

Image courtesy: @_coffeeandsarcasm_

All You Need Is A Ruler

Image courtesy: @monokromajic

Minimally Bold

Image courtesy: @supermassiveblackink

Minimally Illustrated

Image courtesy:

Winter Theme

Because - of course! January is a cold month in most places. And there's something magical about winter.

Cuddly Polar Bears in the Snow

Image courtesy: @bujo_xxvenhar

Cosy Wooden Cabins

Image courtesy: @happy_alpaca_bujo

Image courtesy: @mariekesbulletjournal

Pastel Jackets!

Image courtesy: @lil._.bujo

Snowed In Village Vibes

Image courtesy: @tiinasdiary

OK now that was a MASSIVE list. I hope you've gotten plenty of inspiration, and are ready to create your January 2022 cover page!

Psst... if you're yet to begin setting up your new bullet journal, take a look at our Yearly Cover Page ideas as well.


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