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January Monthly Cover Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal

Updated: Jan 8

11 themes. 60+ cover pages.

Image courtesy: @marthasjournal

Setting up a new month in your journal is exciting. What theme should I pick? Which supplies will I get to use these next 4 weeks?

It's the first monthly set up for the year, so it can feel a bit nerve-wracking. But the trick is just to get in there and create! With a pencil first, of course :)

Here are some theme ideas for you to choose from -

Pastel Theme

A dreamy pastel theme gives you a chance to use those beautiful pastel brush pens and washi tapes!

Neutrals + Pastels = LOVE

Image courtesy: @vividscribbles

Dreamy Pastel Clouds

Image courtesy: @oliwia.journal

A Handpainted Take on Dreamy Clouds

Image courtesy: @robys_bujo

Coffee Theme

Let's face it - we're coffee addicts and what's not to love about showing your #CoffeeAddict status on your cover page?!

Everybody Needs Their Starbucks

This cover page was created using Atopen brush pens.

Kickstart The Year With Coffee

Image courtesy:

Bombay Cutting Chai for Tea Lovers

Image courtesy: @hardika.bujo

Scrapbook Theme

Pretty sure you've got yourself some new journaling supplies for the new year. Put them together for a scrapbook look in your January cover page!

Cosy Vibes in Pink & Neutral Tones (Created in an Indian Bullet Journal!)

Image courtesy: @tanushreejournals

Neutral Self Care Theme

Image courtesy: @opalandfern

Old-School Stamps, Envelope and Dried Flowers Scrapbook Page

Image courtesy: @pjsbujo

Minimal Scrapbook Cover Page with Sage Textured Paper and White Paint Pens

Image courtesy: @journalbuddy

Dried Leaves and Lunar Symbols on Kraft & Vellum Paper

Image courtesy: @_papercreations


Whether you love watercolours or gouache, here are monthly spread ideas that use those beautiful paints lying in your stationery drawer!

(Water)Colours of the Sky

Image courtesy: @ambersnotebooks

Watercolour Winter Landscape

Image courtesy: @dutch_dots

For The Love of Gouache (Created by an Indian Bullet Journalist!)

Image courtesy: @obsessive_procrastinator

Gorgeous Art with Black Cats in a Field of Flowers

Image courtesy: @artbyadorel

A Disney Castle Painting

Image courtesy: @artbyadorel

Fruit Table Spread for a Fruitful Year

Image courtesy: @artbyadorel

UP! Movie Inspired Watercolour Painting

Image courtesy: @leeniale

Stunning Celestial Whale in Gold Watercolour

Image courtesy: @constancechel

Books Theme

I personally love books of ALL kinds - murder mysteries, personal development, lettering workbooks -- you name it and it's (at the very least) on my Amazon wishlist. Translating that love into a BuJo month theme would be fun, as you can see below!

Handpainted Bedside Book Stack

Image courtesy: @accidentalbujoaddict

Library Card!

Image courtesy: @raesdailypage

Cosy up with Books & Tea

Image courtesy:

New Beginnings Theme

Since it IS the first month of the year, we view January with a hopeful eye, imagining all the endless possibilities that lie before us.

A Newly Emerged Butterfly

Image courtesy: @journalbambie

Minimal Butterfly Doodle

Image courtesy: @marion.gif

Rising Golden Sun Marking a New Beginning

Image courtesy: @joyletters_bujo

Illustrated Cover Pages

If you love to doodle, take inspiration from these cute & colourful January spreads.

Image courtesy: @bujowithbea

Image courtesy: @autumnaldrich

Image courtesy: @noteswithlu

Image courtesy: @emmjournal

Image courtesy: @tiffany_studies

Image courtesy: @csenge_illustration

Image courtesy: @bujo_by_abi

Image courtesy: @1kindsness2day

Botanical & Floral Theme

I'm going to already say it - you're probably going to find a botanical or floral theme idea for every single month of the calendar. So expect these all over this blog!

Flowers in Full Bloom with Tombow Brush Pens

Image courtesy: @bonjourbunnybullets

Black & White Florals

Image courtesy: @wildeyesbujo

Winter Colours

Image courtesy: @journalbyveronika

Floral Letters

Image courtesy: @livingletterplans

Doodles with Paint Pens

Image courtesy: @whimsical.doodles

A Shayda Campbell Recreation

Image courtesy: @angilettert

Winter Floral Doodles

Image courtesy: @livingletterplans

Funky January Cover Page With Daisies (painted with gouache)

Image courtesy: Joanne Trinh Studio on Pinterest

Minimal Theme

A little goes a long way! You might not realise how stunning minimalistic can look, till you see the beauty in these "simple" January cover pages.

Just A Single Painted Word

Image courtesy: @_coffeeandsarcasm_

All You Need Is A Ruler

Image courtesy: @monokromajic

Minimally Bold

Image courtesy: @supermassiveblackink

Minimally Illustrated

Image courtesy:

Minimal Winter Scene with Cable Car

Image courtesy: @bullet.zelda.journal

Interesting Lettering & Stamp Letters Are All You Need!

Image courtesy: @quoththecrow

Minimal Gouache Painting

Image courtesy: @jandibujo

Winter Theme

Because - of course! January is a cold month in most places. And there's something magical about winter.

Cuddly Polar Bears in the Snow

Image courtesy: @bujo_xxvenhar

Skating Penguin!

Image courtesy: @raffie_journal

Warm Patterned Mufflers

Image courtesy: @emilys_bujo

Cosy Wooden Cabins

Image courtesy: @happy_alpaca_bujo

Image courtesy: @mariekesbulletjournal

Image courtesy: @dutch_dots

Winter Scene in a Snow Globe!

Image courtesy: @fionascribbles

Pastel Jackets!

Image courtesy: @lil._.bujo

Snowed In Village Vibes

Image courtesy: @tiinasdiary

Image courtesy: @somekindwords

Snowing Scenes from A Window

Image courtesy: @bujotrulla

Cosy in a Sweater & Messy Bun, Sipping A Warm Drink

Image courtesy: @stick.with.kate

Snowy Mountains & A Night Sky Full of Stars

Image courtesy: @julia.pezowicz

Image courtesy: @nora_the_artsy_girl

Image courtesy: @kesysbujo

New Year Celebration Theme

Whether you ring in the New Year with a NYE party or watching fireworks go off, you're definitely finding some way to celebrate it. Why not extend the celebration to your brand new journal?

Fireworks To Ring In The New Year!

Image courtesy: @lootengstudio

Disco Ball to Dance Into The New Year

Image courtesy: @erikabeeswax

Celebrate The New Year with Confetti!

Image courtesy: @bulletwithe

New Year Celebration

Image courtesy: @tabi.journals 

OK now that was a MASSIVE list. I hope you've gotten plenty of inspiration, and are ready to create your January cover page!

Psst... if you're yet to begin setting up your new bullet journal, take a look at our Yearly Cover Page ideas as well.

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I absolutely LOVE these cover page ideas! I've been looking for January bullet journal ideas and found a bunch on another site ( if you need page ideas!) but they only had a few cover page options. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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