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Ātopen or Artpen is the latest addition to the Dingbats* brand, crafted in Japan to get you the best in quality and style. Ātopen is a dual-tip brush pen that comes in a set of 6 pastel colours with water-based pigment ink.


A flexible brush tip and a fine tip in every marker making them ideal for calligraphy, art drawings, colouring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, and journaling.


Colours included in the Pastel pack are: Butter - 502, Island Coral - 207, Candy Pink - 206, English Lavender - 803, Powder Blue - 302, Clover - 405


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Dingbats* Ātopen 6-Pack Dual Tip Brush Pens - Pastel

Only 6 left in stock
    • Archival-quality
    • Fade proof
    • Acid-free
    • Lightfast
    • Waterproof
    • Bleed Proof
    • Xylene-free
    • Odourless

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