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The "Pressed Flowers" tape features real scans of pressed flowers. It has a clear plastic peel-off backing and can be used as it is or can be cut out as stickers. This tape is part of the Secret Garden collection.


It is inspired by an ideal summer spending time tending to a secret garden, pressing flowers, and making paper.


Note & Wish is a British stationery brand founded by two sisters. Since 2017, the sisters have created original watercolor paintings that they have translated into printed washi tapes. Their exquisite designs have brought joy to stationery lovers all over the world. It’s an absolute pleasure and a dream to bring these beautiful washi tape designs to India.

Note & Wish Pressed Flowers Vol. 1 PET Masking Tape

SKU: NT-107
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  • 50 mm x 5 m

  • UK