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Your favourite, super-durable fineliner - the Pigma Micron PN - is now available in a set of 8 colours!


The ink colours are available in a beautiful palette, made up of Red, Rose, Burgundy, Purple, Blue, Black, Sepia and Blue Black pens.


The PN gets its high durability from the plastic barrier that protects your fine tip from getting smushed - perfect for daily Bullet Journalling, taking notes, etc. You basically use this like any standard pen, but it comes with archival-quality ink that Pigma Microns are so famous for.

Pigma Micron PN (Plastic Nib) Fineliner Pens - 8 Colours Set

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  • Sakura has enhanced the Pigma® Micron® experience with a new pen for everyday writing! Loyal users of Pigma Micron requested a choice of nib suitable for every day, multi-purpose writing with the same quality Pigma ink performance.

    Pigma Micron PN - the durable Plastic Nib (PN) provides skip-free writing. A fine or medium line width (0.4mm to 0.5mm) can be achieved, based on your personal writing pressure.

    The polyacetal nib structure allows for smooth ink-flow whether writing fast or slow, for right or left handed users, and for writing at an angle. Ideal for use on paper.


    • Daily writing in your Bullet Journal & Colouring

    • Write on Sticky Notes, Washi Tape, Cheque Books and Standard Notebooks

    • You can also sketch with it


    • Durable plastic nib

    • Pigma archival quality ink is waterproof, chemical and fade resistant, bleed free, quick drying and pH neutral.

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