White correction tape in a blue cover. You NEED this! When you make a mistake in your bullet journal, it's so easy to cover it up with this correction tape. Liquid whiteners are messy and take time to dry up. You'll 100% convert into a correction tape fan once you've used this! It's an absolute essential for every bujoist.


Another reason to love this tape by Tombow is the tip cover - IT'S ATTACHED! Which means you will never lose it. If you've ever used a correction tape with a tip cover that comes off completely, you know how it always has to be kept ultra-carefully so as not to not lose that tiny transparent(!) thing!


This is also available in a pink cover.

Tombow MONO Correction Tape - Blue

  • 5 MM x 6 M

  • A hybrid-style single-line correction tape with the convenience of side action and full view of pen style.

    • No drying time, write over instantly.
    • Pivoting tape head for smooth application and rewind knob for tape adjustment.
    • A retractable tip cover to protect tape when not in use.
    • Non-refillable.