The creators of the popular Zebra Mildliners have launched Brush Pens, in the same beautiful colours as the original highlighters!


These dual-tip brush pens have a brush tip on one end, which has just the right amount of firmness & flexibility - giving you a superior experience. On the other end is a fine nib (that's finer than the Highlighter fine tip) that gives you a precise line.


These are really comfortable to use, even if you're a beginner at hand-lettering. Create faux calligraphy headers, paint inside your doodles and make stunning bullet journal spreads with the Zebra Mildliner Brush Pen.

Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens - Pack of ALL 25 Colours

  • This is a pack of 25 dual-tip brush pens, with the following colours:

    1. Mild Pink
    2. Mild Orange
    3. Mild Yellow
    4. Mild Blue Green
    5. Mild Blue
    6. Mild Smoke Blue
    7. Mild Magenta
    8. Mild Gold
    9. Mild Vermilion
    10. Mild Brown
    11. Mild Green
    12. Mild Dark Blue
    13. Mild Gray
    14. Mild Violet
    15. Mild Red
    16. Mild Fuchsia
    17. Mild Marigold
    18. Mild Citrus Green
    19. Mild Summer Green
    20. Mild Lavender
    21. Mild Lemon Yellow
    22. Mild Apricot
    23. Mild Coral Pink
    24. Mild Cyan
    25. Mild Dark Gray
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